Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The back to school blues

Addict Bloggity

I dont know about you guys, but I hated high school. The cliques, the drama, everyone's dating eachother one week (and someone else the next!), and cheating on their sig other with other people (oh wait, that is kinda like SL!). I think the only cool thing about the high school I went to was that they really did go all out for spirit related things, and there were several talent shows; which i always participated in. We didn't have detention per se; we had this stupid thing called SWEEPS. If you came into the classroom even a SECOND late after the final bell rang, they'd send you to the downstairs lunchroom to sit at a table and stare at the wall. You couldnt talk, couldnt do homework, and obviously you couldnt sleep either. Luckily I'm out of high school, but just started attending uni for psychology back in late 2009. It's not as bad as high school, and since I attend online I have SL to distract me when I start to go CRAZY from doing homework. Like today, I finished my classwork on my lunchbreak, and had time to throw together a post. I just was telling my friends on plurk earlier that I have new respect for people who can do this blogging thing more than once a month. I think I will be a once a month blogger for a while, because this ish is hard without having ps skills, or knowing how to build a background for the 'theme' of the post. Hence why they all have plain white backgrounds.. Although, detention is like hell, and a huge white room would be my version of hell.

I logged in today intending on stopping at Addict (owned and operated by the amazingly talented Kianna Noel) for her new Jersey Racerback tanks, and was actually at the store when I saw this chick walking around with a demo hair on, so I IMd Kia to tell her about it and since she loves me sooo much - not only did she drop me the tanks, but also gave me her project themeory items that wont be out until this weekend. I jizzed a little in my pants when she offered this to me, since i've only gotten pre-release items a few times, and coincidentally those were from her as well. So let's hope this blogpost does her awesomness justice, and you guys all go out and get these items when they come out on saturday! I think I'm going to steal her from Naith, srsly; but don't tell him. It's our little secret, k? kthx.
Addict Bloggity
There are 2 different pose sets for sale (OMG WUT, she's making poses again? inorite, i was totally shocked too!), but since I'm a single mo-fo, I could only use the single person pose prop. Sorry, Kia! It's really cute though, I promise!

Addict Bloggity

The glasses come in 2 different colours (black or white), and you can either have the pencil at your ear or not! Ya know, sometimes you just like to look smart, and sometimes you don't!

Addict Bloggity

If you're not wearing the pencil on your ear, you can nahm on it. Ps, they don't come with mouth animations, I just felt like making it look like i was sucking on my pencil instead of using it! Bad Shams!

The tank that I'm wearing is from Addict as well, and it is avaliable for purchase TODAY. With two different attachment choices (one says love on the front, the other is plain), it's a steal. And there are 6 different colors to choose from. I was too lazy to take pictures of all 6, just trust me when I say it's well worth going to the Addict Mainstore to take a look at the tanks, and her other awesome stuffs too.

Addict Bloggity

Jersy Raceback top in Teal w/o text!

Addict Bloggity

And in grey w/ the text!

Thanks Kianna! :D

Used in every pic:
Shape: Mine - you can no has
Hair - Tatum from - SLURL
Skin - Mustache - Lia - SLURL
Shoes - Lya - Valentina Boots in Grape - SLURL
Ears - AITUI - (Type 3) Stretched Ear - Human - Spiral - SLURL
Leggings - This is a fawn Lace leggings in black - SLURL
Tattoo - true love stories never have endings - SLURL
Eyes: poetic colors eyes – summer wheat – special hunt freebie –

Pose in pic1 is from a store that is no more, plus it was a hunt gift.
Pose in pic 2: -[AddiCt]-Pencil Pose Prop #3

Pose used for pics 3 and 4 is from Lost Angels ([LA] SEXY *Female* The Killer Body, to be exact) - SLURL

Pose used for pics 5 and 6 is one I made, and I dont have a store yet (maybe never), but if you want it for your pixel picturing or blogging pleasure, feel free to IM me inworld (Shamrawk Bailly), and I'll drop it to ya.

Necklace, ring, tops, mouth pencil, and glasses are from -[AddiCt]-, but the necklace and ring are items that were for special events, and I'm not quite sure if she has them out anymore.

Remember, the Addict project themeory items shown above are not out for purchase yet, and won't be until THIS SATURDAY.