Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm a little bit country, y'all.

A Little Bit Country Final

If you're on my Plurk FL, you probably know that I am not the kind of girl that rocks the cowboy boots, but I just had an urge today to wear something western..Namely, cowboy boots.  Perhaps its some sort of throwback because my family is very much redneck/hick/cowboy/whatever you wanna call it. Growing up, if it wasn't Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks or George Straight,  Dolly, Reba or Ms Twain; IT WASN'T MUSIC.  My parents are..well.. they're pretty special. My Mom's idea of a christmas gift is a new pair of Wranglers and some sort of Levi teeshirt that manages to look like a pair of stain washed jeans.  My Dad's idea of the perfect man for his 'little girl'  is someone who has a great appreciation for country music and hunting.. and someone who drives a beat up truck and...well i wont go on. But, they're my parents and I love them to death.

Today, I actually enjoy some country music; but actually prefer folk sounding country with more substance than 'you broke up with me and stole my dog'.

If you've seen RL pictures of me, you'll notice I do not look like the prim and proper (almost) preachers kid. But in SL I can be! .. I wonder if they'd let me use this picture instead of taking one for the christmas family picture. *ponders* Probably not cuz I've got wayyy to much boobage going on. Oh well!


Skirt and Undershirt - Apple May Designs - Berry

Vests -  *BOOM* Mini Vest (Project Themeory item - out now until tomorrow or something)

Boots - Miel Dandy Boots

Hair- @Waffles! Blind Speech  ( From Designers United..not sure if it's still avaliable)

Skin- Muastache - Lia - Honey - Mineral

Eyes - Poetic Colors (this particular shade was a freebie and isnt avaliable anymore)

Tattoos as follows : Eyemakeup = Kyoot Makeup - Feline (Basic black), Blusher and Freckles - L.Fauna Freckled Nose Blusher, Beauty Mark = L.Fauna Beautymark - Cindi,  Chest Tattoo = [TH] Tattoo - Leaves were falling (Seasons Hunt Giftie)

Poses: Criore and .:Still Life:.