Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CoCo and Pig and Lamb, Oh mai!

Humpday Bored Bloggity

Oh hai der! So in the last couple weeks, I think I've spent way more than any sane woman should in SL. I needed some major shop-therapy, so instead of running around town IRL and stressing, I decided to make my therapy virtual. I really should get a SL job or uhh..get to working on some poses to sell or something; because I need to have enough L$ to support my need to stimulate the SL economy allll by my self!

I finally broke down and bought myself a skin from LAQ. I will say, it is worth every damn L I spent; I looove my face with this skin. I was going to get Claudia2, but instead decided Tess2 looked much better with my shape. I'm not one for shape tweaking to wear certain skins. If i can't wear it and be cute instantly, I won't bother buying it. Just an FYI for skin makers; pleaase make lips like these. (note: i'm not telling you to rip them and slap em on your skin, but seriously make more pouty lips!!).

I also picked up Lamb!'s latest release, Cinnamon. It comes with an alphalayer for your head, which removes your ears and whatnot, so you dont have to wear a 'small ear' shape. I chose darker colors for the autumn/winter season. For some reason, darker hair just looks better during this time of year.
My last large-ish purchase for the month was CoCo's Engineer boots. While I was trying to come up with an outfit that went with the boots, i found that it's actually a pretty versatile pair of shoes. I stomped around naked for a while (in the privacy of my skybox, obviously) and looked fashionable.

Meanwhile, I've decided Pig is going to be my go-to store for cute tops. I got a super cute cardigan in a recent hunt, and ran back the other day to grab the nahmy cardi above, as well as the knee-sock fatpack.

So all in all - I think I did pretty good this month!

Have a fantastical rest of the week!

Credits of stuff not mentioned above:
Jeans: Poison - Original Jeans, Black/torn
Piercing - iPoke - Seppy
Ears - Panda Express - Sad elf ears - thorned
Tattoo - GrungeInk - Ivy Tattoo
Tatto Layer - L.Fauna Beautymark - Cindi
Eyes - Esuga Realistic Eyes - Autumn
Poses - Criore and Still Life

Sorry for the lack of linkage, while I was posting; my region went down and I can't log back into sl!

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