Tuesday, March 29, 2011

50 of a kind / Pose Fair

Hello fashionistas! This is just a quick blogpost to show off my look of the day. Today an amazing event started. 50 of a kind is the brainchild of Aurora Deischer (owner of Absolution). "A Bi-Weekly event that is limited to 15 amazing designers that will create a new and exclusive item to be sold for 200L or more. The catch to this event? Only 50 copies will be available in world so get them before the sell out!" - 50 of a kind group info.  Sad day for those of us that work 9-5 jobs. There were a few stores that I was totally bummed when i saw it was sold out. I was able to grab this fatpack of dresses (sorry for the lone pick, i crashed because I have shadows turned on for the first time everrrrr - props to Strawberry Singh's easy to use tutorial for LL 2.0 client! ) for myself and my bestie. I LOOOOOOOOOVE this dress.. like..omg.. seriously. And, I'm one of the lucky 50 that get to have it forever. So, if you havent done so yet, DO join the 50 of a kind group and grab the list of SLURLS. I promise it does not disappoint. You can find the group by search, or you can look up the lovely Aurora's profile and find it there. 

Another thing I wanted to touch base on is poses. Pose Fair IS ALMOST HERE. The blogger event started today, but the rest of us can go on April 1st. The pose used was graciously given to me by HopScotch owner, Chandi Khondji. Chandi is such a sweet person to know on plurk, as well as a very talented posemaker. Sorry i was only able to get the one shot! I will try again tomorrow, but wanted to get this all down while I had some motivation :P This pose is from the 'It's J' pose pack. 

Also, if you look at the very small thing on my shoulder. That's Aurelia Gossamer  (The cat). She's a Bengal Sorell with Azure eyes and soft fold ears. Yes, I'm one of THOSE crazy cat ladies. (nottalking). I love my kittycats. So there. 

Other credits to be added tomorrow. I'm tired. 

Dress -  Absolution -Becca Dress Pink
Pose - HopScotch - It's J. 2-2
KittyCatS - Here

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