Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is definitely almost here, I'm wearing dresses!

Happy Humpday! So today I want to talk about this great not-so-little store that I know you've probably heard of....Naith Smit Designs! Along with an amazing jacket (that I will blog SOON) , Naith released 2 different dresses (in a plethora of colors.... I couldnt even choose which ones to blog) I was seriously jumping in my chair when I saw the pics of theses dresses on Naith's Plurk the other day.

The one shown below is called the RiRi Dress! I absolutely LOVE the pattern and the shading and..well..everything! It was also super easy to mod to my sometimes too-curvy shape. I paired it with the PM-Baby T heels in Red to bring out the varying shades of red in the pattern of the dress.

NSD 1 <3

The second dress is called the Summer Lovin Dress. Again, super easy to mod to my shape. Its definitely a flirty cute dress that I cant wait to put together with different looks. I went sans shoes in this pic because (at the time) the dress made me long for the beach and the feel of sand between my toes. And yes, I'm completely aware that system feet are not all that attractive. :P

NSD 2 <3

In both pictures I'm wearing [elikatira] Me - in blonde (7) and Tuli's Zoe in Fair. I had to fight like crazy to get into  the skin fair last week, but it was well worth the 10000000000 tp attempts, multiple crashes and hours of screaming at SL to just let me in already! 

Body (for both pics): 
Skin: Tuli - Zoe/Fair (can only be found at the skin fair atm)
Ears: Panda Express-  Sad Elf  Thorned - Panda Express
Hair: [elikatira] Me - in blonde (7) - Elikatira

Pic 1: 
Dress - [NSD] RiRi Dress in Peach, White, and Yellow - Naith Smit Designs
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's in Red - Pixel Mode

Pic 2: 

Dress - [NSD] SummerLovin Dress in Red, Yellow, and Peach - Naith Smit Designs
Necklace (that you cant really see but maybe?) - Whippet&Buck -  Little Bit of Pretty Necklace VANILLA SLICE - Whippet&Buck

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